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Batch Payments (CSV Upload)

Add multiple recipients, either manually or via CSV upload
You can create streams in bulk using Streamflow, it's incorporated into the main flow for token vesting and streaming payments either by manually adding additional recipients or by CSV upload.
Manual recipients
In order to send to multiple recipients, you can either click "Add recipient" until you have the number of recipients you require.
Adding multiple recipients manually
CSV Upload
Alternatively, if you are looking to set up streams or vesting contracts for many recipients, you can alternatively make use of our CSV upload feature.
Import recipients' addresses with amount of tokens and email addresses using CSV upload
Just select the CSV file and click on the ''Upload'' button to import all the recipient addresses with token amounts, contract titles, and optional email addresses.
Select the CSV file and click on ''Upload''
Just make sure that each row matches the following format:
Format of CSV spreadsheet