Claim Bonk airdrop

Guide, tips, and tricks for claiming your Bonk airdrop.

Note: Before you start the process, make sure to have at least 0.1 BONK tokens in your wallet and enough SOL to cover gas fees, we have also listed additional guidelines at the bottom of this page to avoid potential errors, we highly recommend checking guidelines in description Step 1: Connect the wallet to Step 2: Visit the vesting page on the Streamflow app

Step 3: You will be able to see your BONK vesting contract on the page, just click on the three actions buttons to see the withdraw option

Step 4: Once you click on the withdraw option, you will be asked to check the box for legal compliance and connect your Discord and Twitter accounts, please note that your Twitter account must be older than May 2023 as per the criteria set by the BONK team. Your internet connection needs to be fast enough to connect and verify Twitter in less than 30 seconds to avoid authentication issue You Twitter account must be a public account with a #bonk tweet in last 7 days

Also, make sure you have joined BONK Discord and you have followed @bonk_inu on Twitter and also Tweet with #bonk to complete all KYC steps

Step 5: After you have cleared all the steps, you can click on the withdraw button and set the withdraw amount to max

After setting the amount to max, just click on withdraw and approve the transaction on your wallet

Your token will be withdrawn to your wallet as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Additional guidelines to avoid potential errors:

  • When connecting your Twitter account, we've noticed that the Twitter API gives you about 15-30 seconds to confirm otherwise it will error. So just a tip to use fast internet and confirm immediately

  • You Twitter account must be a public account with a #bonk tweet in last 7 days

  • Make sure to allow cookies on Streamflow

  • 1 user (user = Twitter & discord account) can withdraw a Bonk token for 1 contract created to a single wallet. If you received more than one contract to the same/different wallet from Bonk, you will not be able to use the same Twitter/discord to withdraw that second contract sent to that different/same wallet address

  • If you try to create new Twitter/discord accounts to withdraw Bonk tokens for that second received the contract to same/different wallet address, that Twitter accounts needs to be created before May 2023 (when airdrop happened), otherwise, the withdrawal will not work

  • If you are constantly switching between Twitter/Discord, caching issues may occur and withdrawal might fail. Please make sure to clear the cache and cookies on your browser after every switching between Twitter accounts.

  • If you do not find any contract on the vesting tab, that means no stream was created for your wallet by the BONK team, so you can reach out to them

  • If using Phantom and see a caution message, click on ignore the warning and proceed anyway.

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