Costs of using Streamflow

Breakdown of our fee structure

Service fees: Streamflow charges a default service fee of 0.19%. This fee is presently taken as the contract unlocks which aligns our incentives alongside the creator of the contract. Note: Reach out to us for a custom fee offer, we recommend booking a call with us Book a call

Network fees: In addition to the Streamflow fees, standard network fees apply to transactions for creating or interacting with contracts.

Streamflow transactions

  • Create Contract

    • Streamflow service fee (see above)

    • Network fees

    • Rent (Solana specific)

  • Top up Contract

    • The same fees are charged as above for the newly topped up amount

  • Manual Withdraw

    • The network fee is paid by the recipient on the withdraw transaction

  • Auto-claim fees

    • In case sender enables auto-claim feature for the contract, the transaction fee is paid by the sender for each auto-claim that happens

  • Transfer

    • The network fee is charged on transaction for transferring the contract

      • Note: If the new recipient doesn't have a token account for the token that is transferred, the associated token account creation fee will be charged.

  • Cancel

    • The network fee is charged on transaction for canceling the contract

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