Giga-airdrops with up to 1 million recipients

Airdrops on Streamflow are an efficient, easy to use, and secure way of executing large token distribution campaigns.

The powerful and configurable features of the Streamflow app let you either instantly airdrop or progressively airdrop to 30k recipients or up to 1 million for enterprise.

Streamflow airdrops come up with unique and configurable features that bring a ton of benefits:

  1. Schedule the airdrop in the future (day and time)

  2. Set the contracts to be cancellable for the sender

For vested airdrops there are additional features:

  1. Configure the end date

  2. Specify the unlock frequency

  3. Add a cliff amount for the first release

Take advantage of our growing "Quick collections" of popular NFT and token projects to make airdrops even faster and easier.

Ultimately running airdrop campaigns via Streamflow is secure, easy and fast!

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