Create an Airdrop

Tutorial on how to create an Airdrop using Streamflow

Create an Airdrop

Step 1: Select Airdrop

Select "Airdrop" from the left nav menu.

Step 2: Choose Type of Airdrop

Select either instant or vested.

Instant: Tokens can be scheduled to be airdropped in the future but when the airdrop happens it is instant and all tokens are distributed in one go.

Vested: Tokens are vested according to the configuration.

For this tutorial, we'll create an instant airdrop.

Step 3: Upload a CSV or choose quick collections

We allow you to upload as many CSVs as you like (below 30k total recipients) and/or easily choose quick collections to airdrop to.

Step 4: Configure your airdrop

Configure your airdrop by naming it, scheduling when it should take place and electing if it can be cancelled or not.

We've selected MadLads for the drop and we'll be dropping some $BONK to each unique MadLad holder.

Step 5: Review

See a handy overview of the airdrop campaign you have configured.

Step 6: Create

The standard Streamflow fee for creating an Airdrop is 0.19%. Streamflow is added as an additional recipient to the airdrop and recieves the payment alongside the rest of the recipients.

For standard users we support up to 30k recipients per airdrop. For enterprise customers we can support up to 1 million recipients per airdrop.

After creation

Customize recipient experiences effortlessly by integrating with our provided approaches. Whether it's through our versatile JavaScript SDK or our easily customizable widget for streamlined airdrop claims.

Explore our documentation below to unlock the full potential of Streamflow Airdrop and revolutionize your platform's user engagement strategies!

Delve deeper into our resources→ to discover everything you need to know about integrating and optimizing the airdrop feature for your unique platform.

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