Cancel Contract

How to cancel vesting contracts and payment contracts

When the sender is creating the vesting or payment contract, they can optionally configure permission for either the sender or recipient to cancel the contract.

Please note: Cancellation can occur both when the contract is scheduled, as well as when it is active. Important: When a vesting contract or payment contract is cancelled, all tokens which have not yet vested (locked) are automatically returned to the sender who created the contract whereas the unlocked amount is automatically withdrawn into the recipient's wallet.

To cancel a contract, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Streamflow app and select either "Vesting" or "Payments"

Step 2: Here you will see your contract/s. Click on three action buttons (...) to see the cancel option

Step 3: Confirm that cancelling will return locked tokens back to the sender

Step 4: Here in the contract details page you can confirm that the contract has indeed been cancelled! 🎉

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