Top up Payment Contract

How to top up payment contracts on Streamflow

The sender who creates the payment contract is able to optionally top up the contract while it is active. If the contract is topped up, the duration is extended based on the amount topped up and the release frequency.

💭Let's take a practical example, if you had a $7 payment with a duration of 1 week releasing tokens daily, and you topped up $3 then the contract would be extended for 3 additional days.

This feature is always available to senders who have created a payment contract. Note: It's not possible to extend a contract once it has completed.

To top up a contract, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Streamflow app and select "Payments"

Step 2: Here you will see your contract/s.

Step 3: Click the "..." and select "Top Up" from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Input the amount that you would like to top up and click "Top Up"

Step 5: Once the transaction confirms, the contract will be extended. To confirm this you can head to the "contract details" page and check the end date.

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