Getting started with Streamflow (Hardware Wallet / SquadsX)

As you embark on your journey with Streamflow, we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our security processes, specifically tailored for our Ledger and SquadsX users. Due to the current limitations in Ledger support for Solana, our procedure is slightly different for you.

Why a Transaction Request Instead of a Signature?

Normally, Streamflow users authenticate their session with a simple signature request. However, for Ledger users like yourself, the Solana platform currently doesn’t support this feature. As a workaround, we use a transaction request for authentication purposes.

The Role of Transaction Request for Ledger Users

  1. Your Authentication Key: The transaction request serves as a unique key to verify your identity and authorize your session on Streamflow.

  2. One-time Action: Just like the signature request, you only need to do this once, making your experience smooth while maintaining high security. Think of it like a cookie when you log into a website.

  3. No Actual Transaction: It’s important to note that this is not a real blockchain transaction. No assets will be moved, and it won’t incur any transaction fees. It's purely for session authentication.

Streamflow’s Commitment to Ledger Users

We understand that this extra step might seem a bit cumbersome compared to the standard signature request. Please know that we are actively working on finding more streamlined solutions as the technology evolves. Our goal is to blend top-notch security with ease of use, and we appreciate your understanding as we navigate these technical limitations.

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