Token Lock FAQ

Answers to frequent questions we get about Token Locks


How do I create an LP token?

To create an LP token, you'll need to list your token on a decentralized exchange and/or provide liquidity for an existing pair and create LP tokens.

How long should I lock liquidity (LP tokens) for?

The length of time-locks depends on your project's needs, but a general rule, is the longer the lockup the better.

How much of my liquidity should I lock?

Teams often lock the tokens earmarked for their liquidity allocation. However, you can lock multiple allocations depending on your project's needs.

How do I withdraw tokens once my lock ends?

When you’re token-lock has expired, it will be ‘unlocked’ and automatically withdrawn to the recipient's wallet.

How do I upload multiple recipients at once?

To load multiple recipients at once, download our CSV template and enter your recipient information. Upload the newly edited CSV to Streamflow to load recipients.

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