Transfer Contract

How to transfer vesting contracts and payment contracts

When the sender is creating the vesting or payment contract, they can optionally configure permission for the recipient to update the recipient address that all scheduled tokens will unlock to.

Please note: This can be reconfigured while the contract is active as well.

The transfer option can be useful both for changing the wallet address of the existing recipient or transferring a vesting contract or payment contract to a completely new recipient. Important: When a vesting contract or payment contract is transferred, the contract gets transferred to the new address with both the locked amount (scheduled tokens) as well as the unlocked tokens that have not been withdrawn by the previous recipient.

To transfer the contract to a new recipient address, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Streamflow app and select either "Vesting" or "Payments"

Step 2: Here you will see your contract/s. Click "View".

Step 3: Once in the contract details page, you'll see you're available actions at the top right of the page. Click "Transfer".

Step 4: Drop the exact wallet address that you would like to reconfigure the contract to progressively unlock tokens to. Note: The address must be a wallet address on the same blockchain (Ethereum L1, BNB etc.).

Step 5: Complete the transaction and then you can confirm your transfer has been successful in the "Contract Details" page under "RECIPIENT ADDRESS"

Step 6: All future tokens will unlock to the new wallet address - job done! 🎉

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