Batch Contracts with CSV

Add multiple recipients via CSV upload

You can create contracts in bulk using Streamflow, it's incorporated into the main flow for token vesting and payment contracts either by manually adding additional recipients or by CSV upload. In this walkthrough we'll show how you can create up to between 60-300 contracts at once using a simple CSV (wallet dependent).

Step 1: Visit the Streamflow app and select "Vesting" or "Payments".

Step 2: From here you can click "Create New".

Step 3: Fill the contract out as shown in "Create a Vesting Contract" and once you reach the second step in the creation flow you'll see "Upload CSV"

Step 4: On click you'll see a modal with some details around the CSV upload flow. We provide the required titles

Step 5: Once you have loaded a CSV click "Upload"

Step 6: Once successfully uploaded, you will see all the recipients are now added. 🎉

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