Token Lock

Lock up tokens until a scheduled date - with no progressive release inbetween

Streamflow Token Lock feature is used to lock tokens until a specific date and time on Ethereum L1, BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, Aptos, and Sui network. Projects can also use Token Lock to lock LP tokens and show commitment and transparency for their community who can have confidence that the team will not suddenly pull any funds.

What is a Token Lock?

Token Locks require users to send tokens to a smart contract, where the tokens become inaccessible for trading or withdrawal. The tokens are held within the contract until the time period set by the token sender is fulfilled, at which point they are released.

Token Locks are most often used to lock liquidity pool (LP) tokens —from your project's liquidity allocation— for a fixed amount of time. Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens are a type of receipt token representing ownership of a portion of liquidity within a decentralized exchange’s (DEXs) liquidity pool.

When you list a token on a decentralized exchange (DEX) or deposit an existing token pair, you will receive what is known as 'LP Tokens.’

Locking LP tokens prevents depositors of the liquidity from withdrawing their funds. It guarantees the community that liquidity will remain within the DEX to facilitate swaps, and not be cashed out by developers or project founders (like we’ve recently witnessed with the launch of $BALD token on Base Network). The locked LP tokens can only be withdrawn or changed at the end of the locked period(s).

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