Where Streamflow is going next


To fuel crypto adoption by supercharging Web3 organizations with efficient, automated token operations and services.


Streamflow helps organizations streamline their token operations so they can focus on their core business.

We do so by helping organizations design, launch, and distribute tokens, and align their token stakeholders' interests with vesting schedules, customizable distribution mechanisms, and tailored compensation planning, among other things.

We help investors track and manage their (vested) token portfolio easily across chains and services.


  • Crypto-native payroll

  • Powerful address book

  • Light mode

  • Sui support

  • Token Lock

  • Public dashboard

  • Draft contracts

  • Revamped pricing 🗓️

  • Airdrops 🗓️

  • Staking as a service 🗓️

  • Token Extensions Support 🗓️

  • Mint tokens 🗓️

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