Official Streamflow Docs

Transfering Contracts

A short tutorial on how to transfer vesting contracts and payroll stream
Depending on the permissions granted while creating the vesting contract or payroll stream, the sender/recipient might get an option to transfer the contract. Just click on the transfer button, enter the new wallet address for the recipient, and approve the transaction. The transfer option can be useful both for changing the wallet address of the existing recipient or transferring a vesting contract or payroll stream to a completely new recipient. When a vesting contract or payroll stream is transferred, the contract gets transferred to the new address with both the locked amount as well as the unlocked amount of tokens that have not been withdrawn by the previous recipient. Please keep in mind that you will have to click on the three dots (...) right below the 'actions' heading to see the options to interact with the vesting or payroll contract.
How to find the transfer option
Just paste the new recipient's address, click transfer, and approve the transaction