Streamflow — token distribution platform
Streamflow is a suite of products that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute funds in a simple and straightforward manner.


Crypto-native businesses lack easy-to-use tools to do token vesting, payroll for team members and contributors, to have multi-signature treasuries, etc.
Without these tools, we cannot have efficient and highly functioning organizations. Streamflow solves this.
We're building protocols, SDKs and applications to bridge those gaps and help organizations streamline the aforementioned processes and save time and money.

Our Vision

To make crypto-native financial workflows simple.

Our Mission

Facilitate everyday financial workflows and payment-related tasks by creating decentralized, permissionless, and trust-minimized protocols, SDKs, and applications.
Our initial suite of products includes a protocol for streaming payments and solutions for token vesting, progressive payroll, and batch payments built on top of it. These features are available on Solana and Aptos chains. In addition, we have multisignature vaults on Solana.
Our aim is to make these services widely adopted by being the payment "rails" and enabling seamless integration of our services within other applications.
Staring with Solana ecosystem, we have expanded to Aptos and onboarding traditional (web2) projects.
Last, but not least, we are dedicated to utilizing blockchain technology advancements to stay at the frontline of a financial shift taking place in the world.
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