Token Vesting

Token vesting as a service.
The streamflow token vesting app is the most efficient way to vest tokens to investors, teams, and communities.
Token vesting can become a quite painful and cumbersome process that consumes the precious time of project developers and teams. Streamflow token vesting app handles the whole process in an easy, secure, and decentralized manner which saves a ton of your precious time with its unique and configurable features.
Our fully featured token vesting product includes a number of helpful features:
  • Automatic withdrawal: Set the streamed tokens to be automatically dropped into the recipient's wallet - no need for the recipient to claim or withdraw!
  • Batch payments (with CSV Upload): Create a contract with many recipients, either by manually adding the additional recipients you require or by uploading a CSV with all the recipients and their addresses - our CSV Upload feature takes care of the rest!
For instructions on how to set up vesting contracts using the Streamflow app, see this guide.
Permissionless, decentralized, trustless token vesting is available at: