Withdrawing Payments

A short tutorial on how can recipient withdraw the unlocked funds from vesting contracts and payroll streams

Manual withdraw

The recipient can easily withdraw the unlocked tokens from a vesting contract or a payroll stream into the wallet. First of all, you will have to visit the 'incoming streams' page on the Streamflow app and choose the vesting contract or payroll stream from which you want to withdraw the payment.
After selecting the payroll stream or vesting contract, click on the three dots (...) right below the 'actions' heading to see the withdraw option. You will also be able to see how many tokens have already been withdrawn from the stream.
How to find the withdraw option
Now, just click on the withdraw button, select the amount available for withdrawal, and approve the transaction in your wallet. The unlocked tokens will be transferred into your wallet as soon as the transaction is confirmed.
Amount available to withdraw

Automatic withdraw

The sender of the vesting contract or payroll stream can enable the automatic withdrawal while creating the contract. It is a quite handy feature, it will automatically transfer the unlocked tokens into the recipient’s wallet at the set frequency.
How to enable automatic withraw and choose withdraw frequency
If auto-withdrawal is enabled, the recipient will not need to connect the wallet to the Streamflow app to manually withdraw the funds.
It is not compulsory to enable auto-withdrawal, the recipient can also connect the wallet to the Streamflow app and manually withdraw the unlocked funds by interacting with the payroll stream or vesting contract. However, if the recipient's wallet address belongs to a centralized exchange, it is compulsory to turn on the automatic withdrawal.