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Top up contracts [Stream Payment Functionality]

A short tutorial on how to top up payroll streams on Streamflow
By using the top-up feature, the sender can always add more funds to an ongoing payroll stream before its expiration. Just click on the three dots (...) right below the 'actions' heading on your outgoing stream and choose the top-up option. Next, enter the amount that you want to add, and approve the transaction in your wallet.
How to top up a payroll stream
Select the top up amount
The following screenshot shows the extension in expiration date/time after topping up the stream with more funds. The total amount of the payroll stream has also been updated. Please note that the release rate of the payroll stream remains unchanged and can not be modified once the stream has gone live.
Total amount locked in the payroll stream increased & extension in the expiration date of stream
Please keep in mind that it is not possible to top up an expired payroll stream.