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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between vesting contracts and payroll streams?

The vesting contracts on Streamflow are used to vest SPL tokens to investors, teams, and communities. You can customize the vesting contracts as per your requirements using its unique features, such as cliff time release, release frequency, email notification, automatic withdrawal, contract duration, etc. A vesting contract is created for a fixed duration
On the other hand, payroll streams are used to stream payments to employees, freelancers, teams, contractors, and service providers. It is an efficient and secure way of making recurring payments. You can stream payments as per the required release rate, and the sender of the payment stream can also top up the ongoing payroll stream with more funds.

Are funds returned to the sender if a vesting contract or a payroll stream is canceled?

In case a live vesting contract or a payroll stream is canceled, locked tokens are returned to the sender and unlocked tokens are automatically withdrawn into the recipient wallet.

What happens to the funds if a vesting contract or a payroll stream is transferred to a new address?

In case a live vesting contract stream or a payroll stream is transferred to a new address, the stream gets transferred to the new recipient including the unlocked amount (that has not been withdrawn by the previous recipient).

Which tokens are supported by Streamflow for vesting and payroll streams? How to stream SOL?

Streamflow supports all SPL tokens for vesting contracts and payroll streams. In other words, all Solana network tokens are supported. In order to stream SOL, it should be converted into the wrapped SOL token. Network native SOL is a coin that can only be used for gas fees and can not be directly used in smart contracts such as vesting contracts or payroll streams without wrapping it into a token.

Does Streamflow charge any fees for its products?

The Streamflow app has a small service fee of 0.25% on top of the amount being streamed. In addition to the Streamflow service fee, Solana network charges certain fees as well. It is recommended to have at least 0.02 SOL in the wallet to avoid failed transactions. You can look into the detailed fee structure here: Fees​

Do you have plans to launch a token?

Yes, Streamflow has plans of launching its native token ‘STRM’. Tokenomics and launch schedule are yet to be announced.

What other products does Streamflow plan to launch in the future?

Streamflow token vesting and payroll streams are already live on the mainnet, we are also going to launch more products such as multi-signature vaults and batch payments in near future. Streamflow will continuously innovate and expand its product suite over time.

Who is the team behind this?

If your question is missing, head over to our Discord and ask in the #feedback channel. :)